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Important Factors When Choosing A Wedding Gown

Important Factors When Choosing A Wedding GownWhen choosing a dress or Wedding Gown, you do not just choose a color or model like a sexy short dress or long dress elegantly. Considerations need to choose or create a dress, so comfortable and give a maximum. Handmade couture dress designer, Feronica Kristoofer share tips on choosing dresses that have an important role in the self-image of the wearer.

Should consider the following before deciding what dress you want to wear representing personal style. So you can determine when it’s time to wear a classic dress, fashion, or fun.

1. Body shape.
Cutting that affects body shape has an important role in a dress. For large-sized women should not accentuate the waist. Application drapes in the abdomen can correct the shape of the body. The color selection also should not be striking for big women. A more neutral color can disguise the shape of the body.

2. Location and event concepts.
An invitation to high tea, gala dinner, wedding requires a dress that is not exactly the same model. For high tea for example, looks more leverage with a more casual dress is fun but still look feminine. In addition to the concept of the show, the theme of the event is typically raised certain colors is also noteworthy. Not only that, the location of the event also determines the choice of dress.

3. Mix and match colors.
Mix and match color of the dress has a lot of factors. Can the color of the wearer, also color the dress itself. In the dress should not be too much of a mix of colors. Never more than two colors are combined in a single dress. The combination of contrasting colors can still be used, but be careful with the color choice. Because not all colors can be combined in contrast. As for the color of the wearer’s skin, whatever color dress suitable for the white man. As for the dark skin should avoid colors that are too bright dresses.

4. Accessories.
Dress models also determine the choice of accessories. Because the accessory options that do not comply with the dress will lower the value of a dress. Appearance becomes less than the maximum. When selecting accessories, consider the color and model of the dress worn. Accessories here including shoes and handbag. For a glamorous gown, rather than combined with diamond pearl accessories.

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