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Gorgeous Hair Accessories for the Bride

wedding tiaraGenerally, the wedding day is the most awaited day of the women, because that’s when he’ll be “the queen of the day”. Whose name is the queen, would have to keep up the most beautiful appearances, because all eyes will be looking at him. Not surprisingly, the women are more concerned with appearance from head to toe.

One part of the body that makes a woman look beautiful is her hair. There are many types of hair. You can make alternative sweetener hair than interest. Besides being more durable, making you look more “shiny” on your wedding day.

You can use some alternative hair jewelry. Among them; tiara, headband, hairpin, and hair comb. Tiara is a small form crown. As crown in general, there will be some eye diamond or gemstone that stands at the top of the head. Tiara itself has a variety of models. There are the peak of more than one and a half around the top of the head, creating a wave, others have multiple eyes and scattered, and some are just a single pearl eye stone in the middle. Typically, the tiara worn at the top and pinned on the left-right head on his side, not like headbands.

Another accessory is the headband. These accessories, like a tiara, there is a kind headband tiara. As the name suggests, headband, is the tie that wrapped around the head. Shape and type are different. More identical headband worn by the female gypsy or a flower generation in the 70′s. Headband, or ties to the bride’s head, usually using gem stones or crystals. Some are made of elastic material, some made of webbing, there is also the shape of the wire.

Hairpin, is the most easy to used by the hair bride. Shaped like a pin inlaid crystal eyes, pearls, sequins, or other, and then pinned the hair. Suitable pinned the hair bun to give the impression that adorable. While hair comb, which is also called the comb, giving the impression of attractive, more powerful and gripping hair when pinned, while giving the impression of hair neat.

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