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Fatkini, Bikini New Model For Plus Size Stature Women

FatkiniDuring the summer, or swim at the beach many slender women who dare to show off bikini curves wearing a sexy two-piece. While women with body fat, usually choosing one piece swimsuit or even that covered his entire body as insecure.

Realizing this, a blogger, Gabi Gregg makes innovation for women with large size in order to feel sexy and more confident. Ie ‘Fatkini‘, special two-piece bikini for women size 10 to size 24. Gabi sized body 18, in collaboration with US-based swimwear line, Swimsuitsforall. The first collection consists of five models Fatkini. With stylish style, bright colors and unique prints.

Last year, 25-year-old woman had posted some pictures of herself wearing a swimsuit. Apparently, many women of various sizes that inspired it, and want to be like him. From there, the idea emerged Fatkini. Even 31 women Gabi email us to participate in the online photo gallery shop.

The first collection of models wearing fat woman. They looked confident and sexy while playing around the pool in the direction of photographer Lydia Hudgens. ‘Fatkini‘ Collection will go on sale on May 15 and sold for U.S. $ 49 to U.S. $ 99.

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