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Chic look, so Kate Spade Trends at NY Fashion Week 2013

Kate Spade Trends

Kate Spade Trends

Kate Spade label celebrates its 20th anniversary by presenting a collection of Fall / Winter 2013 at New York Fashion Week event. On stage runway, the brand from New York is exhibiting a new collection with the look of happy chic. Shades of black and white, colorful, with a variety of patterns, a major display on the circuit’s collection. Starting from the cardigan, blouse, skirts, and trousers designed slick though. Some of his collection is intended to look for work.

There is also a dedicated clothing for the evenings, like tux pants with a stripe detail berpalet gold. These pants can be combined with matching ruffle blouse and black robes berdetail. An adorable clutch bag to complement any look. Kate Spade Clothing is inspired by the sights and sounds of New York, including urban icons such as the Empire State Building. It was also confirmed by Deborah Lloyd, Creative Director of Kate Spade. Street signs were also the inspiration for Kate Spade for this collection. So the collection is full of colors and patterns displayed in her mini dress, pants, skirt and knee seatas.


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