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The body shape are never perfect, Luckily There’s Jeans!!!

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jeansEach woman brings distinctiveness body shape . However, generally speaking , there are five categories of standards bodies that could be used as a reference for selecting jeans .

Height and average body

Feature : slim , do not have indentations waist , buttocks tend to average
Recommended types of jeans : jeans with a low waist , tight fitting or loose – cut jeans
Tip : be careful with the skinny jeans . Pieces that are too fitted at the foot of your body will be more show thin .

Great body at the top

Feature : proportional , slender , almost fits in many models of jeans
Recommended types of jeans : Low waist / hipster , tight fitting , accent shading ( color effects faded jeans were faded and uneven, usually just in the middle of the line pipe pants )
Tip : Avoid baggy that it makes legs look big / wide .

The body contains

Feature : small waist , abdomen rather large
Recommended types of jeans : mid-rise boot cut , wide waistband that can make your stomach look flatter , dark denim for a slimmer impression
Tip : Avoid pieces too high , eg up over the abdomen . Also avoid jeans that berdetil much on the front which is usually further reinforce the big belly.


Feature : wide hips , small waist
Recommended types of jeans : Flare and boot – cut length to ankle in order to look balanced , dark colors
Tip : add high heels , avoid tops that are too fitted , the model also avoid full details.

Jeans for your body contains

Feature : form a straight waist , abdomen and buttocks large
Recommended types of jeans : RekMid / low waist , flared , boot – cut jeans
Tip : use a dark color , choose a hip model, with matching high heels , jeans careful with that narrowed at the bottom . Lastly, avoid baggy that could lead to the impression of a large and wide .

Online Shopping Pros and Cons

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The number of people who are using the internet to buy a wide variety of items is increasing significantly within last decade; they shop shoes, fashion accessories, houses to airplane tickets. Why people love shopping online? Is it really giving benefits? The answer for the question may vary depends on the point of view.

Basically, the benefits given by online store or online shopping are its convenience, price comparisons, infinite choice, easy access to consumer service and relatively no pressure sales. However, online shoppers must also realize that online shopping also contains disadvantages. Generally, the disadvantages are:

  • Customers must wait to receive the items they bought. On many cases, buyers must spend up to a month before they could receive the items they have ordered.
  • The shipping costs on the item can be extremely high in comparison to what they paid for the item, which sometimes make the purchase not worth it.
  • If the online store does not have a local store near our area, returning the item we have bought will be a huge hassle.
  • Online stores sometimes contain cams, viruses or even identity theft.

Shopping online is just like the two sides of a coin; one side it offers so many benefits but in the other side, if we are unable to choose the right store, it contains so many threats.

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Important Factors When Choosing A Wedding Gown

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Important Factors When Choosing A Wedding GownWhen choosing a dress or Wedding Gown, you do not just choose a color or model like a sexy short dress or long dress elegantly. Considerations need to choose or create a dress, so comfortable and give a maximum. Handmade couture dress designer, Feronica Kristoofer share tips on choosing dresses that have an important role in the self-image of the wearer.

Should consider the following before deciding what dress you want to wear representing personal style. So you can determine when it’s time to wear a classic dress, fashion, or fun.

1. Body shape.
Cutting that affects body shape has an important role in a dress. For large-sized women should not accentuate the waist. Application drapes in the abdomen can correct the shape of the body. The color selection also should not be striking for big women. A more neutral color can disguise the shape of the body.

2. Location and event concepts.
An invitation to high tea, gala dinner, wedding requires a dress that is not exactly the same model. For high tea for example, looks more leverage with a more casual dress is fun but still look feminine. In addition to the concept of the show, the theme of the event is typically raised certain colors is also noteworthy. Not only that, the location of the event also determines the choice of dress.

3. Mix and match colors.
Mix and match color of the dress has a lot of factors. Can the color of the wearer, also color the dress itself. In the dress should not be too much of a mix of colors. Never more than two colors are combined in a single dress. The combination of contrasting colors can still be used, but be careful with the color choice. Because not all colors can be combined in contrast. As for the color of the wearer’s skin, whatever color dress suitable for the white man. As for the dark skin should avoid colors that are too bright dresses.

4. Accessories.
Dress models also determine the choice of accessories. Because the accessory options that do not comply with the dress will lower the value of a dress. Appearance becomes less than the maximum. When selecting accessories, consider the color and model of the dress worn. Accessories here including shoes and handbag. For a glamorous gown, rather than combined with diamond pearl accessories.

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Flats Shoes is still the mainstay of Women

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Flats ShoesFlats Shoes is still the mainstay of Women. Look beautiful with high heels is not a woman absolute style. Flats are still an option, especially for women with high mobility, or those who need practicality but can still look stylish with a variety of interesting designs flats shoe.

Flats are still the top choice of women when it comes to the store. When choosing shoes, more women choose flats, wedges and last followed heels. Women in tropical countries with more casual styles like flats. In addition they also need to walk the flats. Flats are also in demand because it is suitable for traveling.

Even so varied tastes of women about shoes. In the office area, for example, sought more heels. But in general, women’s flats remain a choice in looks complete.

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CompTIA CDIA+ Certification Exams

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This CompTIA exam is for the Certified Document Imaging Architect certification. It is a certification that assists its holders in acquiring positions in document imaging and document management. This is a useful exam because the skills covered by it are used by such popular companies as Canon, Konica, Ricoh, and more. Continue on to learn more about this highly relevant certification.


What Skills Are Measured By The CompTIA CDIA+ Certification Exam?

The primary skills being targeted by this exam are those involved with document imaging management systems. This exam evaluates the test takers ability with regard to planning, design, and specification of such a system. The level of knowledge and ability evaluated by this exam is that of a document imaging professional who already possesses between 12 and 18 months of real work experience.


Exam Details

The CompTIA CDIA+ Certification Exam has a total of 85 questions. The testing period is 90 minutes long, but there is a possible extension of an additional 30 minutes for test takers who are non-native English speakers. The exam is offered in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Japanese. The minimum passing score is a 700 on a scale that ranges from 100 to 900.


Who Should Pursue This CompTIA Certification?

This certification is ideal for anyone who has the necessary experience who wishes to move up in the area of document imaging. This certification provides confirmation of the required skills for more advanced positions in this area and is a great option for anyone who wishes to compete effectively. Combined with experience, this certification is a first class ticket to bigger and better things.

This Beautiful Handbags Contains Wine Could Brought to Anywhere

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Handbags Contains WineIf you usually see women in London carrying a Mulberry bag or Burberry in this summer, they are now turning to a collection bag Vernissage. Not just any handbag, but the bag of wine. Suitable for you who like drinking and partying pretty. Each bag contains 1.5 liters of top-quality wines from one region in France, Languedoc. Bag also looks pleasing to the eye and can be enjoyed anywhere, of course.

Models also made ​​stylish bags with distinctive chessboard motif Louis Vuitton with three color choices. Black, white and pink with a gold-colored box, so it looks gorgeous when worn. The brain behind this innovation is Takis Soldatos, Oenoforos manufacturer of alcoholic beverages. In cooperation with the Sofia Blomberg, an art director from Sweden to create this unique bag.

Bag worth 25.99 pounds it also has received numerous awards for innovation and creativity. Not only that, this bag is also claimed to be able to keep the wine remains fresh, rather than drinks that are stored in the bottle. This beverage contains handbags seem to be increasingly booming this year. Last year alone, Claudia Eicke of Switzerland makes a similar design. Difference, it was like a handbag leather. But there is a special place to store wine bottles that can be opened through the side of the bag.

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Rihanna Collection for River Island

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Rihanna collection for River IslandHer success can not be separated from the support and help of the people behind it. To that end, both Rihanna dedicates the collection to label River Island for its workers. Stay hitmaker is scheduled to launch her ​​summer collection this month, and she designed a collection of clothes for the details of her followers who are always there in his mind.

Rihanna makes each outfit is for all those who worked with her. Rihanna thinks that way because that’s how the women in the world thinks. Every woman is different, like different things, and have different goals, and different moods.

Rihanna also ensure her personal fashion sense embodied in the clothing collection she designed, or what he would buy when you’re shopping for clothes for example jumpsuit with floral or tie-dyed (tie dye.

Rihanna just wanted to bring the clothing worn, because ultimately that’s what drove Rihanna to engage in the design. Looking at the pile of clothes on the rack of nice things, but it’s also more eager clothing according to taste Rihanna. It could be by making her clothes longer or shorter, more sexy or even less sexy.

Rihanna collection for River Collection will be available beginning May 25, 2013.

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Fatkini, Bikini New Model For Plus Size Stature Women

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FatkiniDuring the summer, or swim at the beach many slender women who dare to show off bikini curves wearing a sexy two-piece. While women with body fat, usually choosing one piece swimsuit or even that covered his entire body as insecure.

Realizing this, a blogger, Gabi Gregg makes innovation for women with large size in order to feel sexy and more confident. Ie ‘Fatkini‘, special two-piece bikini for women size 10 to size 24. Gabi sized body 18, in collaboration with US-based swimwear line, Swimsuitsforall. The first collection consists of five models Fatkini. With stylish style, bright colors and unique prints.

Last year, 25-year-old woman had posted some pictures of herself wearing a swimsuit. Apparently, many women of various sizes that inspired it, and want to be like him. From there, the idea emerged Fatkini. Even 31 women Gabi email us to participate in the online photo gallery shop.

The first collection of models wearing fat woman. They looked confident and sexy while playing around the pool in the direction of photographer Lydia Hudgens. ‘Fatkini‘ Collection will go on sale on May 15 and sold for U.S. $ 49 to U.S. $ 99.

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Amazing appear like a celebrity with Metallic Dress

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Kate BosworthMaterial like sequins or glitter can make clothes that used to be more stylish. Touch any metallic color in fashion is becoming a trend these days. Mode until the start of the stage also seemed to wear fashion blogger. The following stylish celebrities also do not want to lose. The way they wore sparkling colors make this more riveting style. Here’s their style with metallic gown choice.

1. Michelle Williams
Actress with the pixie haircut looks stunning with black-gold gown from Jason Wu at the movie premiere of ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’. Long dress with wave-patterned metallic accents is already crowded enough without excessive accessories. Pretty bracelet and a matching black belt to form the silhouette of her body.

2. Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr looks fresh with short dresses bronze color below. Orlando Bloom’s wife pinned just simple silver necklace and black pumps it simple. Dress and hair and makeup also looks harmoniously and make it look younger.

3. Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie looks glamorous gown accented with metallic design Lorena Sarbu. The nude color dress look so different because air-glitter triangle motif. Mother of Harlow Madden wore accessories with matching color and wavy hair style in the 50s, which makes more elegant appearance.

4. kate Bosworth
Metallic gown Kate Bosworth following options are very unique because it consists of a variety of colors. This strapless dress is the creation of designer Stella McCartney. Simple piece dress is enough to make this dress outstanding. No need to many accessories again, quite small clutch bag and matching color heels to be more perfect.

Perform with The Sequins Clothing Trends

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Sequins Clothing Trends

Sequins Clothing Trends

Material with sequins ranging widely used in 2010, is now loved again by fashion lovers. Sequins were once only worn at night can now be used in the daytime. Check out five tips when wearing sequins that look more stylish without being redundant:

1. Select One
To avoid excessive impression, make sure you wear the type of clothing are made ​​from sequins. Like wearing tops made ​​of sequins combined with jeans and a blazer or wear a dress with sequins detail alone. Do not wear more than two sequins clothing, such as tops and skirts because it will make you like a disco ball.

2. The time
Know the difference use of sequins for day and night. Use of sequins at the wrong time can look like any of the costumes. The good, the daytime use sequins blouse paired with pastel-colored cardigan and trousers matching color pencil models. And in the afternoon or evening, skirt or mini-dress with sequins is the right choice.

3. Colors and Patterns
Be careful with color and pattern. Sequins with bright colors and lively patterns that will make your style becomes redundant and loses the elegant side. Choose a neutral color like black or gold to avoid looking overdone.

4. quality
Remember that everyone will remember the clothes you wear sequins. And sometimes sequins stuff pegged at an expensive price. Try to give stuff like sequins clutch bag or a mini skirt with sequins stitching quality and neat. This little thing can make you look more elegant.

5. Accessories
Still not confident using sequins dress? For starters try using accessories like sequins flats with sequins detail with neutral colors like black or brown, clutch bag or scarf.

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